I love loud singing!


I love loud everything!

Making things loud is FUN!

I’ve missed volunteering at the Wing.



Really? Wow. Did you use some kind of hairy potion? My dad once took one. He had a tiny bald spot growing on the top of his head, but by mistake he took too much and started growing uncontrollable chest, back, and facial hair, as well as hair in other places. Hehe. It was weird. Did that happen to you?

Oh, yeah! Wow. That’s right. Me. Hehe. I’m silly.

That would seriously suck, what if it grew, like, down south. No, after I got bit and after the first change it kind of became an issue. And it sucks.

Did you forget already? I’m butthurt.

It did exactly that, Robert.

Oh, that’s right. You’re a puppy! Oopsies! Wow, I’m loosing it, am I? I think I’ve gone mad. Completely bonkers, I tell you. It would explain why you’re so hairy. Your name should’ve been Harry. Harry the hairiest… hare! Except your a werewolf, not a rabbit.

I did not forget, silly. I was testing you! Making sure you knew I was your best friend.

i’ve realized i’ve been using the old nessa in me through alaina.