I’ve missed volunteering at the Wing.


Viking… Yes! I met a viking there. He almost chopped my hand off! Woah… Cool stuff, right? And ohhh, yes that’s a beautiful idea. Infact, I will make my own fireworks!

I have, actually! They were very lovely people, the aliens. Had the best spliff I’ve ever had the pleasure to try. And a lovely lovely spaceship too. But they said other aliens that are not as nice, so maybe it’s better they don’t come that often.

Wow, almost chopped your hand off? That would’ve been a story to tell, huh? Ooh, if you need help, I’d most certainly like to join. We can build them together! As long as their bright and colorful, of course.

Really? I’ve never been before, let alone had good spliff from fascinating little aliens. Maybe one day I can have some and travel throughout the galaxy. Wow. Aliens might not be nice, but they have some interesting lands to discover beyond the known!